Lilia Laghi and Lorenzo Rossi opended Plusdesign in 2008 in the new contemporary Design and Art district of Milan Lambrate. In the last three years, Ventura Lambrate has become one of the most important events of the “Fuori Salone”, a collateral event which takes place outside the Design fair in Milan. Plusdesign is both a gallery and a brand, commissioning artists and designers to make or collaborate on unique and limited edition design works. The works they show explore the norms of serial production and embrace the atelier, the studio and the experimentation of hand and material, which Dutch designers have been known to do in recent decades. Lilia Laghi brings her extensive background in Interior Design to Milan’s new contemporary heart as a means of generating debate. Plusdesign thus brings contemporary design from international sources to Milan. The gallery works with artists and designers, but each work that is exhibited or commissioned must work with design principles and its imperatives while allowing discursive new dialogues to occur on the edges of disciplines. Here the line between artistic exploration and design are blurred, yielding new and innovative designs.