Peter Miller Books

Peter Miller Books is a design bookshop in Seattle. No, it is THE design book shop in Seattle and for that matter anywhere on North America’s West Coast. Located near the Pike Place Market, the shop has been at the same location on 1st Ave. since it was first opened 25 years ago. Aside from opening a place that sells books, proprietor Peter Miller’s initial intention was to provide a bookshop place where people can socialize and find community.  Along the way, Peter who came from English literature background discovered his passion for design and architecture, and became Seattle’s go to shop and source. Peter Miller Books is now known to be the place in Seattle where people can find a vast selection of design and architecture books and literature, or to find out what is happening, who’s in town, what’s new. The ItaliaDesign team conducted a series of preparatory interviews in Seattle prior to departure for Italy and this interview captures the early work and learning.