Giovanna Castiglioni

Giovanna Castiglioni is the Curator of the Studio Museo Achille Castiglioni in Milano as well as passionate champion of her father’s legacy and approach to life and design. Achille Castiglioni is regarded as an seminal figure in Italian Design and almost without question, its greatest teacher, with a body of work characterized by the straightforwardness and irony he integrated into each project.  His fundamental approach is know in English the “Principle Design Component” is as relevant to young designers today as ever, as it states that every design must have one unified concept or idea that drives all choices through until the final form, much like the architectural equivalent of “parti”.  Italian designers until recently were all trained as architects first, so this is not surprising. Giovanna and her mother Signora Irma keep the studio open so that design never loses this its passionate soul. Both are good friends of ItaliaDesign, having welcomed us in to the Studio even before it became a museum and many times since. No visit to Milan is complete with a stop here to pay homage .